Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Company

Mission Statement

The Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Company exists for the purpose of protecting lives, property, and the environment during emergency situations within the boundaries specified in its charter as granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, additionally, it provides support for the above purpose to other fire/rescue services within Pike County, Pennsylvania and other contiguous geographic areas as defined in written Mutual Aid Agreements or as specifically requested.

When you hear those sirens, and see those lights... This is what's coming

These are the men and women that volunteer their time for this department and their community. Whether they go to fires and/or rescues. Administrative work or support the department at events and fundraisers. Or all of the above. Each member is important and vital for the functioning of this department.

Membership List

Emergency Apparatus

 The original fire house, which is presently owned by National Park Service, was the stone building on Rt. 209 south of Rt. 739. The building was built by the members of the Company in 1956/1957. Once completed, the fire house not only housed the equipment of the Company, but became the center of many Dingmans Village activities. Unfortunately, as a result of the Tocks Island Dam Project in the 70's, the residents of the Village were forced to move deeper into Dingmans Ferry. The Fire Company was no exception.

After the NPS took over the fire house on 209, this became the only building owned by the Company. Once again leaving the members of the Company without a "home". As the needs of the Township grew, the Company also used the Township Building to house some of its equipment, hold meetings, and have training. Our SubStation is located on Old Milford Road (01), a quarter of a mile south of Rt 739. It houses one of our Engines and Rescue.